Academic qualifications:

  • 2006-2010: B. Biotechnology. Department of Biological Sciences, Taishan Medical University, Shandong, China
  • 2010- : M. Cell biology. Anhui Medical University, Anhui, China; State Key Laboratory of Proteomics, Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine, Beijing, China

Previous academic positions held:
  • 2011-2012 Research Assistant, Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Present academic position:
  • 2012- Research Assistant, Institute for Advancing Translational Medicine in Bone & Joint Diseases, Hong Kong Baptist Universityg

Previous relevant research work:
  • Technical expertise: Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Nuclear acid aptamer screening
  • Research area: investigation of molecular mechanism and generation of aptamer-based targeting moiety in skeletal diseases.

Publications (Representative peer-review journal publications in recent years):
  1. Chao Liang, Baosheng Guo, Yixin He, Songlin Peng, Dahu Li, Ling Qin, Fuchu He, Ge Zhang, Lingqiang Zhang. Generation of osteoblast-specific Casein kinase 2 interaction protein 1 conditional knockout mice. 2nd IOF-ESCEO Pre-Clinical Symposium Oral Communication Abstract PC-OC18, Osteoporosis Int (2012) 23 (Suppl 2): S410
  2. Chao Liang, Shaohua Li , Heng Wu , Baosheng Guo , ..., Ningsheng Shao , Lingqiang Zhang, Ge Zhang. Selection of aptamers specifically targeting osteoblast and mechanistic investigation of aptamer-mediated siRNA cellular uptake. 2nd IOF-ESCEO Pre-Clinical Symposium Poster presentation Abstract P709, Osteoporosis Int (2012) 23 (Suppl 2): S380